Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap Goes Through Marathon Mondays

Nipsey Hussle

And so it goes. Marathon Mondays! On the trail of the video release for “FDT”, a politically-charged collaboration with YG, Nipsey Hussle addressed his fanbase craving for new material and waning patience — and that includes me.

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This Is Naija: A Pill to Ease Into Party Mode

DJ Dee Money - This Is Naija

‘This Is Naija’ is essentially a mix of down- to mid-tempo jams for those of us that need to get into gear. A few years have gone by since I had a DJ Dee Money mix on here. That’s a downright crime given how prolific this Chicago-based Nigerian is. It just so happens that I’ve been looking for warm up mix to put up on Fridays. The aptly-titled ‘This Is Naija’ also serves as a nice entrée to the music scene in Dee Money’s homecountry. Make no mistake: he stays true to the Ice Prince drop (“DJ Dee Money tear up the party!) at the beginning of this pleasant ride. Dig in!

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A Para One Chute to French Rap in the Nineties

Para One - Spéciale 90's Rap Français

“This week, I prepared a a special mix of 90s French Rap. I went to dig into my collection of CDs, tapes and vinyl from back then. I know this is a touchy topic: you will surely gripe about what I’ve included and what I’ve left out. But, this is personal selection that captures what I’ve enjoyed from French Rap in the nineties. And I hope you’ll like it as well.”

– Para One

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Shifting on to a Summer Ting

So Shifty - Summer Ting

With the good vibrations from their spring mix still lingering, it was only natural to return to Hamburg for the Summer Ting. Bigga T and Jr Blender join forces as So Shifty for an intercontinental sonic voyage full of good vibrations. Just what the doctor ordered for a warm Sunday night. Dig in!

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Shifting On to a Spring Ting

So Shifty - Spring Ting

German DJ/Producer duo So Shifty unleashed Spring Ting mix in April. The intent: shed the winter-induced lethargy and layers; and brighten up as we gear on for the summer. We might be at the tail end of the summer, but this cosmopolitan mix will still feel appropriate on a warm Sunday night. Dig in!

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